Metlifecare fixing leaky apartments

 Source: Bay of Plenty Times

By John Cousins
Wednesday Feb 13, 2013 

Bayswater Retirement Village

Scaffolding is going up to mark the start of work to fix leakage problems affecting residents in one of the multi-storey apartment blocks at Bayswater Retirement Village.

Metlifecare managing director Alan Edwards said they were not dealing with a classic leaky building problem because the two Palms apartment blocks were concrete and did not have stucco cladding.

He explained that water was getting into some of the junctions between the balconies and the building.

"We are addressing these junctions which include some waterproofing details around the ranch slider leading on to the balcony. None of the junctions have any structural issues, it is purely trying to improve on the waterproofing of the junction."

Mr Edwards said work on the first building would be carried out in four stages, with scaffolding due to go up this week.

Builders would be working on 25 of the 31 apartments in the Palms 2 building. No work was needed for the ground floor apartments because they did not have balconies.

Mr Edwards said that in most instances, they would be able to complete the work without residents needing to shift out. Two residents would be relocated at different times to another unit in the village for about 20 weeks.


"Metlifecare have bought back an apartment within the village to enable the residents to stay within their community. There are one or two residents who may need to move for short periods of time."

He said the rebuild was at no cost to residents who owned a right to occupy the apartment for the rest of their lives. Residents were given an undertaking that once they moved into the village, they had no liability for the large-scale maintenance of buildings.

Metlifecare has been taking air samples to check for spores associated with rot. "We work with residents if these are found to be elevated."

Mr Edwards said the cost of the repairs was commercially sensitive. There were no leakage issues with the village's single-storey villas and no other Metlifecare villages in the Western Bay of Plenty had leaking problems.

Stage one of repairs to the nine apartments most affected by the direction of the weather would involve the roof and cladding. The rest of the work was limited to balcony junctions.

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