Building Surveying

Our building surveyors provide expert advice on how building enclosures perform. Building surveyors have a comprehensive knowledge of building enclosures. They understand the complex interaction of materials, building code requirements, legislation, design and environment. Surveyors at Alexander & Co. assist clients by identifying and developing solutions to building failure, preparing conceptual and technical solutions, and managing the design and delivery of construction projects.

Our surveying process begins with a thorough investigation. Weather-tightness issues can be caused by any number of things, from faulty workmanship to poor quality or incorrect materials. In order to resolve a building’s issues, we must first diagnose the causes. Our various levels of investigation are tailored to a building’s unique situation to help minimise the disruption and costs. Depending on your property, specialised investigation might also be recommended, such as façade testing, hygrothermic data collection or testing samples in an independent lab. 

Following investigation, our architects and design team work together designing the changes to be made to your property so that it is both aesthetically pleasing and resolves your weathertightness issues for the long run. We then support you through the process of implementing these changes. We use our expertise to minimise disruption during construction and manage things such as planning applications, monitoring and sub contractors. 

Building surveying services we provide:

  • Forensic investigation of building failure
  • Leaking building investigations
  • Indoor moisture investigations
  • Assessment of buildability, sustainability and maintainability
  • Energy efficiency auditing and modelling
  • Obtaining building consents
  • Tendering, negotiation and contract establishment with contractors
  • Building monitoring services
  • Engineer to contract
  • Monitoring of compliance and quality
  • Client representative / quality review
  • Maintenance surveys
  • Maintenance planning and management

For expert building surveying services contact us today to discuss your project.