Design Services 

Our architects and building surveyors work hand-in-hand to ensure you get a property that looks great, and will remain watertight into the future. Remedial design takes into account all the elements that need to be replaced, repaired or amended to remedy the issues and prevent them from recurring. This means Remedial Design is far more complex than designing a new building. 

The process

The design process is most efficient when it’s split into two phases. The first is "Concept Design", which is where we outline the changes that need to be made to the property. This detail also allows us to produce more accurate costs. Concept designs are often just a written description, as in cases where a simple re-clad of the building will fix the problem. More complex projects can require drawings. 

The second phase, "Detailed Design", is where we sort out all the necessary details for remedial work to begin. The steps that need to be taken vary from project to project, but often involve producing more detailed drawings, seeking building consents and consulting with experts. Remedial design – for a building that looks good and remains watertight in years to come: contact us today to discuss your project.  

What we can provide for you

Typical services and stages might include:

  • Site assessment and feasilibity studies
  • Conceptual design
  • Developed design
  • Resource consent documentation
  • Building consent documentation
  • Working drawings
  • Tendering and appointment of contractor
  • Contract administration



Residential Design

We offer residential design services, including private houses and multi-unit dwellings. Our architects have a wide range of experience in the residential sector and have won NZIA awards for their projects. Our experience in remedial works means we are highly competent in designing buildings that not only meet the requirements of the brief, but do so in a way that is designed to last a long time.

Commercial Projects

We currently have a number of remedial projects with values ranging from $3 million to $15 million, so are dealing with large projects on a daily basis. Our staff is experienced in new build commercial projects and have worked on office buildings, recreation facilities, mixed use developments, office fit-outs, hospitals, community and institutional buildings and industrial buildings.

Cladding Design

Cladding design involves the appraisal of architecture, aesthetics and science of materials to form a weathertight building enclosure. We regularly provide design reviews of building enclosures for architects. Internationally, architects recognise the value in obtaining specialist advice regarding building enclosures.

Enclosure Design

Our experience with building science and remediation processes provides you with enclosure design that exceeds expectations.

Energy Efficient  

Alexander & Co. Ltd can provide design and science combined, to lift the energy profile of building.