Financial Assistance Package (FAP) Weathertight Services

Services for Homeowners

The government in 2011 unveiled the FAP scheme. It is designed to assist leaky homeowners with financial contributions towards the remediation work required to repair their homes. The scheme is complex and follows a process that requires assistance to those who have little or no knowledge with the remediation field of construction. 

Our services include: 

  • Applying for the Financial Assistance Package
  • A full assessment of the defects and damage caused by water ingress
  • Producing consent drawings for the remedial design
  • Repair cost estimates
  • Tendering and monitoring the works
  • Providing expert testimony in support of the design, the defects and the damage
  • Tendering and monitoring the works
  • Peer review of weathertight design and construction documentation

Services for Local Authorities

We currently provide a wide range of consultancy services to local authorities including the recently announced FAP package for leaky homeowners. 

Our services include: 

  • Dispute resolution services for building technical issues and council practices
  • Assessment of FAP repair plans and scope of works
  • Assessment of betterment
  • Assessment of onsite timber removal and site treatment
  • Full quantity survey (QS) service
  • Peer review of building consent and construction documentation

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