In-house training

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Training Outline for 2013

Alexander & Co. Ltd has a focus on training with a programme available for all staff to gain the skills we all need to make our business better overall. As a highly skilled team we strive to provide better customer service experiences with better knowledge. We encourage all staff to participate and share knowledge building upon the foundation of each participant’s personal development plan. Our immediate efforts are towards client focus. The most important measure of the service we deliver is how our clients rate it. We focus on ensuring that every aspect of the client experience is a positive one. We make the needs of our clients the focus of our business activity. 

We provide a mixture of formal workshops, discussions, lectures, role-plays and seminars to offer hands-on regular training opportunities. We have a comprehensive programme covering a wide range of topics including:

Client Focus

  • Professional engagement and our clients
  • Understanding client needs
  • Meeting and exceeding client expectations
  • The importance to the client of meeting expected delivery times
  • What is client focus in a professional environment?
  • Understanding different types of service delivery
  • Providing information
  • Delivering bad news
  • Retaining the client's support and confidence
  • Delivering complexity and uncertainty
  • Things to know about people
  • Dealing with difficult people

Verbal Communication

  • Negotiation skills
  • Running and controlling a meeting
  • Getting what you want (the art of interrogative discussion) 
  • Providing information
  • Getting information (the art of listening)
  • Telephone skills
  • Handling objections and confrontations
  • Presentations and speeches

Written Communication

  • How to construct effective written communications
  • The surveyors report
  • Effective emails
  • The power of bullet points
  • Presentation


Building science

  • Why we do what we do
  • The basics and what we should all know
  • Our point in difference

                  Investigation and reporting

                  • Fundamental Alexander process and procedure (Our USP)
                  • Looking and seeing
                  • Know more
                  • Communicating complexity
                  • Essential reporting methods
                  • Other experts

                  Testing methods

                  • Façade testing
                  • Hygrothermal data collection

                  Drawing and specifications

                  • Fundamental Alexander process and procedure (Our USP)
                  • Drawing guide
                  • Design guide
                  • What products do we recommend and why
                  • What products we do not recommend and why
                  • Who are our contractors and why do we recommend and use them
                  • How to introduce new projects
                  • Briefing and managing other experts

                  The expert witness

                  • An outline of legal process
                  • Alternative dispute resolution
                  • What is our role
                  • Fundamental Alexander methods and rules (Our USP) 
                  • Influence and persuasion
                  • How to write a brief of evidence, essential methods


                  • Procurement methods
                  • Procurement policy


                  • The purpose of monitoring
                  • Conditions of Contract
                  • Construction Contracts Act
                  • What to watch out for
                  • Project completion

                  Health & Safety

                  • Moulds and Fungi; recent developments
                  • Height safety

                  Quality and risk management

                  • What is quality at Alexander & Co. Ltd
                  • What is risk at Alexander & Co. Ltd


                    What is management?

                    • Basic management fundamentals
                    • What is good and what is bad management

                    Personal management

                    • Clean desk theory
                    • What to do when you feel unproductive
                    • Scheduling and timekeeping
                    • Personal development programmes
                    • How to be more effective and organised
                    • Achieving goals and goal-setting
                    • Developing personal creativity
                    • Planning and work completion skills

                    Team management

                    • Essential supervision and management skills
                    • Working as a team
                    • Delegation VS abdication
                    • Encouraging and rewarding success
                    • Reacting to and solving problems

                    Business Planning

                    • Understanding the 2013 ACL Business Plan (including priorities)
                    • Creating a new business plan (for managers who want to progress a new business opportunity)
                    • Setting and managing budgets

                    Team Planning

                    • Developing a team plan
                    • Setting priorities
                    • Setting measurements
                    • Supporting / mentoring the creation of individual development plans
                    • Dealing with non performance

                    Project management

                    • Understanding and setting priorities
                    • Information and tracking progress
                    • Effective reporting

                    Personal and Team Development

                    • HBDI profiles for Managers and key staff (in work)
                    • HBDI 'one on one' feedback sessions (in work)
                    • Whole Brain Team Workshop (early March)
                    • Think about—our clients



                    • Advanced training
                    • Obtaining and issuing reports
                    • Improving efficiency using WorkflowMax
                    • Techniques to improve speed of use
                    • Shortcuts, tips and tricks


                    Fundamental Alexander Methods and Rules (Our USP)



                    • Tips, tricks and techniques to improve efficiency, effectiveness and speed


                    • Tips, tricks and techniques to improve efficiency, effectiveness and speed


                    • Tips, tricks and techniques to improve efficiency, effectiveness and speed


                    • Comprehensive training in all aspects of photo manipulation
                    • Using Photoshop as a publication tool


                    • Tips, tricks and techniques to improve efficiency, effectiveness and speed


                    • How to take a great technical photo
                    • Using the iPhone and iPad for effective photos
                    • Composition, lighting and conveying a message