Independent Building Enclosure Design Review

The purpose of the review is to evaluate whether the enclosure of the building, if built in accordance with the plans and specification, would satisfy the performance requirements of the building code.

Our design review service is offered in three stages. The three reviews are held at the following stages of the design process:

  •  Stage 1:  To be undertaken on completion of the concept design
  • Stage 2:   To be undertaken 30% through the detailed design
  •  Stage 3:  To be undertaken on completion of the detailed design

Stage 1- Risk reduction

A review of the concept design to identify the areas of design risk that need to be mitigated. The output from this phase is a commentary regarding the proposed design and materials selection.

Stage 2- Identify, evaluate and recommend

This stage involves a review of documents to identify features or details that need further design consideration.  A written list of issues is provided with recommendations for improvement or a letter confirming that the design is satisfactory.

Stage 3- Check

Checking the changes made in response to the items raised within Stage 2. This will include collaboration with parties to provide design assistance regarding direction on how features or details need to be changed.

Providing a letter stating that the design review has been conducted and the building enclosure would, if built in accordance with the reviewed plans and specification, satisfy the performance requirements section E2 of the building code.