Building Performance Simulation

At Alexander & Co. our mission is accelerate the transition towards better building science and promote a sustainable future. Energy associated with building operations is one single largest contributors to carbon dioxide emissions. Conserving and efficiently using energy in buildings in a cost-effective manner can have the largest single impact on our environment. 

Performance modelling

We offer a range of computer modelling services that predict the performance of your building during the design phase. This analysis determines that the design satisfies the requirements specification and supports design trade-off decisions. The modelling available includes:

  • Whole Building Performance Modelling & Simulation

  • WUFI Modelling

  • THERM Modelling

  • SEFAIRA Analysis

  • Solar PV Analysis & Selection

Whole of Building Energy Modelling

During the design phase, we can provide computer-modelling services that predict the building’s performance. This includes moisture and energy analysis that not only predicts performance but also how healthy the resulting building will be.


WUFI® (Wärme und Feuchte instationär) is a software family which is used for calculating coupled heat and moisture transfer in buildings. Our experts use WUFI® to asses the following:

  • The drying time of masonry with trapped construction moisture

  • The danger of interstitial condensation

  • The influence of driving rain on exterior building components

  • The effect of repair and retrofit measures the hygrothermal performance of roof and wall assemblies under unanticipated use or in different climate zones.



THERM is a Two-Dimensional Building Heat-Transfer computer modelling program that allows you to evaluate a building’s energy efficiency and local temperature patterns, which may relate directly to problems with condensation, moisture damage, and structural integrity.

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Do you want to evaluate the investment between various design or retrofit strategies effectively? Maximise capital efficiency? Maximize energy,water use and create high performing sustainable buildings at minimum cost? Recognise the true value of performance based design through our SEFAIRA modeling service!

SEFAIRA  is a cloud-based modeling  tool that provides real-time energy and daylighting analysis. SEFAIRA enables our specialist team to combine the power of bulding science and technology inorder to find elegant solutions to your design and remediation projects. Via SEFAIRA, we provide sophosticated whole building energy simulation. The results help you to define,quantify and optimize the energy, water,carbon emissions and financial benefits of relevant design strategies for your project.

Solar PV Analysis & Selection  

Our unique position in the renewable energy sector enables us to provide you with comprehensive analysis and evaluation for PV systems. Our specialist team will help you design and  select cost-effective and durable PV systems.