Building Surveying

We provide the following Building Surveying services:

Forensic Investigations

 Surveyors at Alexander & Co. assist clients by identifying and developing solutions to building failure, preparing conceptual and technical solutions, and managing the design and delivery of construction projects.

Construction Monitoring / Observation

Our construction monitoring service provides supplementary quality observation to ensure the following:

  • That the work is completed in accordance with the contract documents including all drawings and specifications and the manufacturers’ technical literature for the products and materials installed.
  • Good trade practice.
  • Compliance with the Contractor’s Quality Plan.
  • Compliance with the Building Consent.
  • Compliance with the NZ Building Code.

Engineer to the Contract

It has always been Alexander & Co Ltd’s policy to monitor the remedial work it has designed.  The importance of this role is now recognised by a number of territorial authorities, which require it in conjunction with recladding projects. This identifies three principal functions as follows:

  • Ensuring the contractor understands and implements the design documents
  • Evidence collection
  • Builder payment claim and processing

Condition Surveys and Maintenance Planning

 The objectives of our condition survey and maintenance planning service are as follows:

  • To determine the current condition of the building enclosure components and services.
  • To determine the remaining life of components i.e. roof cladding, wall cladding, joinery, plumbing and water, electrical, heating/ventilation & mechanical systems.

Asbestos Management Planning & Surveys

We have fully trained and experienced personnel that can support you with the development of an Asbestos Management Policy and the delivery of asbestos surveys to enable your full compliance with legislation. The surveys will identify the risk of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) being present in your building to support your ongoing maintenance planning. 


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