Our Whole of Building Sustainability Analysis Services

At Alexander & Co. we provide a range of expert aservices related to building sustainability. We will help you design and build healthy, cost effective and low environmental impact buildings. Our goal is to reduce your energy cost and carbon emissions while meeting legislation and helping you move towards a cheaper and sustainable future. We can support your project with the following services:

Life Cycle Assessments

Lead the vision of Life Cycle Assesment in the building industry to action! Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of buildings and components is key to the delivery of more cost-effective and  sustainable buildings. It is one of the best known mechanisms which enables architects, engineers and other building professionals to comprehend energy use and other sources of environemental impact  across all construction stages. Our specialist building scientists will provide comprehensive LCA analyses in accordance to ISO14044:2006 guidelines from all phases of your project. 

Energy Audits

Generally, buildings represent numerous opportunities to reduce energy use and associated costs. Our experienced energy auditors will help you specifically identify ,quantify and prioritise them. At Alexander & Co. we provide a comprehensive review and analysis of systems and operational charecteristics of whole facilities to enable quantified implementable energy savings recommendations.

Carbon Accounting

Are you struggling to keep track of your carbon emissions? We are here to help! Our specialist team will help you manage and monitor your carbon emissions cost-effectively and establish carbon reduction potential resulting from your home,office or workplace and mobility.

Renewable Energy Feasibility Assessments

Our specialist building scientists in the energy efficiency and renewable energy fields undertake feasibility studies and provide strategic reviews to individual cleints,community-groups,developers, businessses and policy makers. As part of the study, we analyses a range of renewable technologies for both new-build and retrofitted building senarios. These technologies assessed include: Solar PVs,solar thermal,Ground source heat pumps, Air source heat pumps,Wind turbines, biomass boilers and stoves.

Environmentally Sustainable Design Review

The aim of the Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) Review is to ensure ESD principles are incorporated into building design or remediation. Our specialist team will set  out ESD targets in line with current  legislation for both your new and existing projects, and outline the ESD implementation framework from plannig, through design to construction and evaluation.

Low-Carbon Transportation Masterplanning

 The built environment is an interconnection between buildings and other infrastructure including transportation. In New Zealand,transport accounts for approximately 43% of carbon dioxide emissions. We can reduce emissions and related costs by promoting building-transport integrated design. At Alexander & Co. our specialist team will undertake sustainability assesments of urban  transport modes and infrastructure . We can help city/urban planning authorities identify opportunities to reduce building user-related transport emissions.

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