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A collection of articles on leaky homes and building issues.



Huge cost of rotten school alters Govt views on tenders

The horrendous cost of repairing a leaky Auckland school is changing the traditional Government view that the cheapest tender is the best tender.

Steve Alexander featured in "At The Bar" Magazine

The CEO of Alexander & Co. Ltd; Steve Alexander, was featured in this month's issue of At The Bar with an article he wrote on assessing building experts.

On the cover!

Our South Island Manager Graeme Calvert featured on the cover of "Straight up", the magazine of The Building Officials Institute of New Zealand this month.

$25m leaky homes bill

Leaky home owners face paying more than $25 million to weatherproof their homes. Figures obtained by the Bay of Plenty Times reveal Tauranga City Council has the fifth highest number of leaky homes among 74 district and city councils nationwide, lodged in the Government's Weathertight Homes Resolution Service system.

Trapped in leaky home

Leaky home problems have "trapped" Robin Molloy and his wife in their Albany house. The Molloys are in their 70s and battling to resolve consent issues so they can sell the big home they bought 10 years ago.

Leaky homes costs rising throughout Otago

The cost of dealing with leaky homes in Otago is climbing for councils and ratepayers, but some homeowners with claims appear to be missing a crucial deadline.

Hulse defends townhouse plans

Auckland Council is getting "beaten to death" over its intensification plans before it's had a chance to explain them, deputy mayor Penny Hulse says. Today the council officially releases its draft Unitary Plan—a rulebook for development and a vision for a compact city.

Winners at last

The struggle for truth and justice over a leaky town house has snatched years from a couple seeking a happy retirement. Bert and Mary Blincoe are speaking out in the hope other leaky home owners don't face the same bitter fight.

Metlifecare fixing leaky apartments

Scaffolding is going up to mark the start of work to fix leakage problems affecting residents in one of the multi-storey apartment blocks at Bayswater Retirement Village.

Huge repair bill looms for Bay apartments

Repairs costing tens of millions of dollars will be needed to weatherproof up to 137 apartments in two Tauranga retirement villages. Ocean Shores Village and its Maranui Street neighbour Bayswater Retirement Village have been hit by leaky building problems on their multi-storey apartment blocks


Repairs begin on leaky Chancery shopping complex

Repairs have begun at Auckland's Chancery shopping precinct, which has been suffering leak problems. Contractors have erected scaffolding on the exterior of level one on the Courthouse Lane side of the complex, opposite the Metropolis apartment block.

High cost of leaky schools

As if the cost of education wasn't enough, up until June 30 the Ministry of Education had to fork out $155 million to fix leaky schools around the country.

Councils dread 'Leaky Buildings II'

New Zealand's biggest councils are imploring the Government to introduce warranties in new building laws or risk "Leaky Buildings 2".

Occupants back after $10m leaky fix-up

Owners have been moving back into their places since the start of last month, after being forced out for a year while it was torn apart. 

Waterproofing tower apartments to cost $15m

A leaky Auckland high-rise apartment complex under repair is wearing a giant white protective sheath to guard against further water damage.


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