Alexander & Co from time to time present seminars and events that are designed to inform and educate on aspects of building enclosures, building science and matters of interest to building owners and the construction industry.


The programme in In 2014 included the following:


From "buildings that keep the rain out" to "thermally insulated and conditioned building enclosures"

Attendees learned from building experts from Alexander&Co, InsulPro and Pro Clima in a series of seminars given in March and April 2014 in Queenstown, Christchurch, Auckland and Wellington. The seminars ran from 3 - 6pm with a networking opportunity including drinks and nibbles afterwards.


Download the seminar flyer here for full details

Download part I of our presentation here

Download part II of our presentation here

The speakers were

  • Gleb Speranski, Technical Manager, InsulPro: Performance of acoustic and thermal insulation

  • Thomas van Raamsdonk, General Manager, pro clima: Internal and external moisture control

  • Steve Alexander and Caleb Parker, Alexancer & Co: Building Enclosure Details, principles and practice